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Tepak Sireh Sireh Bunga


– Avoid contact with alcohol, perfume or any harsh detergent when cleaning.

– Tepak : (L) 213mm x (W) 111mm x (H) 63mm

– Kacip : (L) 57mm x (H) 58mm

– Canister x 5 : (H) 54mm X (W) 41mm

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– This iconic Tepak Sireh is a traditional Malay or Indian metal container for storing betel nut leaves for chewing during leisure times.

– Fast forward to present times, it has become the object of cultural heritage, a VIP gift and decorative items.

– It signified good luck and prosperity.

– Handcrafted 100% from genuine pewter, it takes a highly skillful craftmen to produce a complete Tepak Sireh from scratch.

– Micron plated with 24k gold plated, every single design is limited edition crafted meticolously with high passion. 


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